Bounty Campaign

Dear Community Members,

Thank you so much for supporting Chocoswap. We have launched a bounty to appreciate the community. Please read through the instructions to participate and earn some rewards. 


General Rules

Welcome to Chocoswap Social media Bounty program,  Join Chocoswap & get your free CHOCO tokens.    The participants of the bounty campaign will be able to accumulate stakes that can be converted into rewards.


Before getting started, make sure you are eligible to participate by reading the following:

• The bounty program starts on the 28th, Dec. 2020.

•  For participation in bounty it is mandatory to join our English Telegram Group: CHOCOSWAP TELEGRAM

• Follow us on Twitter: CHOCOSWAP TWITTER

• One user can participate only with one account. Multiple entry, duplicate accounts will lead to suspension from campaign.

• Make your own unique and creative posts, copy & paste work will not be awarded stakes.

• Don’t complete your task in one or two days, task should be spread across the week.

• By signing up the Google form you accept Terms and conditions.

• Using of several accounts, any cheating, spamming, and unethical behavior will get you disqualified.

• Chocoswap Foundation reserves the right to refuse any member found guilty without clear explanation.

• After bounty ends, you will have 7 days for any questions/complaints.

• Rewards will be sent to participants Erc-20 registered address 30days after campaign ends.

• Chocoswap Foundation reserves the right to change or add rules any time during the campaign.

• Terms & Conditions can be changed or more can be applied.


** If you didn’t follow general rules you won’t get your rewards after campaign ends.


Sign up forms for campaigns







 Bounty Campaign(图1)

Bounty duration:  4  Weeks (12/28, 2020~1/25,2021)

Bounty allocation:  50,000  CHOCO 


• TELEGRAM – 45%

• CONTENT - 25%

** CHOCO will be launched on Uniswap in Jan, 2021.


Twitter Campaign – 35 %

17,500 Choco tokens allocated for Twitter campaign.


Fill Registration Form of Twitter Campaign

• Follow Twitter Page

• Your twitter account must have at least 500 real followers.

• Twitter audit score must be equal or above 75%.

• All twitter participants must retweet and like minimum 3 retweets and make 1 personal tweets about Chocoswap weekly with hashtags and link #Chocoswap #Defi #Blockchain #Crypto

• Only 1 retweet is accepted per day, you will be lose weekly stakes if all work is done in a day.

• No duplicate posts are allowed.

• Participants profile must be made public.

• Submit weekly report on the Google report form provided.







Stakes according to followers:

500 – 2500 = 5 stake/weekly

2501+ = 10 stakes/weekly



Telegram Campaign – 40%

20,000 Choco tokens allocated for Telegram campaign.


Fill Registration Form of Telegram Campaign

• Join & Stay in the Telegram Group

• Simply add “Chocoswap” at the back of your name.

• Your name or profile MUST NOT promote any other project aside Chocoswap.

• All participants must make & submit at least 5 links to posts in other cryptocurrency related telegram Chocoswap with at least 2500 members wearing Chocoswap Avatar.

1. Not more than 2 posts can be submitted per group.

2. Submit weekly report on this thread & fill the Google report form.

• Actively Join Chocoswap discussion in a constructive way. Using bad languages, Spamming, racism & unethical discussions won’t be tolerated.

• Telegram Engagement activities will be tracked automatically.









12,500 Choco tokens allocated for contents campaign.


We are looking for writers, bloggers, and journalists who are willing to produce quality written content about the project. 

NOTE : Only First 15 quality and unique write-up will be rewarded.


High quality: 1000 CHOCO

Good quality: 800 CHOCO

Average quality: 500 CHOCO


How to join:

1. Join Chocoswap official Telegram Group and Telegram Channel.

2. Fill the Registration  Form of Content/Articles Campaign

3. Submit articles/videos.



1. Articles should be quality and unique with a minimum of 400 words, written in English. (Participants who copy the project's website, whitepaper will not receive rewards). Views and comments at least 5 likes/comments/upvotes would be taken note of.

2. Each participant can write 1 article only.

3. Participant's blog account should be at least 3 months old prior to participating in the article campaign.

4. Articles should be published on blogs recommended by us: Steemit, Medium and LinkedIn

and must be publicly accessible. Other high ranked blogs may be accepted.

5. Content must focus on a relevant topic: project features, latest project's token updates,

blockchain, Defi etc.

6. Removal/deletion will result in disqualification and no rewards.

7. Published Articles must include at least 2 images of the project, link to project's website &

social media. 

8. Please provide enough details of the writer (bounty hunter) at the end of the article to ensure

authenticity. This will be verified!

9. By joining this program, all participants accept that the project's team can use all these

articles as marketing materials.


**Note: Article/video submission will be closed a day before the end of the bounty.



If you have any questions, please send e-mail to [email protected] or  contact: 

Twitter | Telegram | Medium